The key strength of the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program (CPSP) is its commitment to improve the health of children and youth in Canada and around the world. This focus would not be possible without the participation of Canadian paediatricians, subspecialists, and other health care providers in the monthly collection of information on rare paediatric conditions, the investigators who design studies and analyse the data to provide knowledge and educational solutions, or the guidance of the Scientific Steering Committee members. We thank them all.

We also thank IMPACT (Immunization Monitoring Program ACTive) centres for their role in verifying the acute flaccid paralysis study data and for their support of the CPSP.

The strong partnership between the Canadian Paediatric Society, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Health Canada allows the Program to grow in Canada and to take a leadership role on theinternational scene.


Funding for the CPSP is required to support Program management. The surveillance Program is funded through a combination of government support and unrestricted grants from Canadian charities, research institutions, hospitals, and corporations. All funding is provided to maintain and expand the Program.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support received in 2021 from the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Centre for Surveillance and Applied Research, Health Canada’s Marketed Health Products Directorate, and the following non-governmental sources:

  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute
  • Bethanys Hope Foundation
  • CHEO Research Institute
  • Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba sponsored studies grant from Novo Nordisk Inc.