Criteria for inclusion of studies

The Steering Committee selects studies for the Program based on the following criteria for inclusion:


Disorders of such low incidence or prevalence that national ascertainment of cases is needed (less than 500 cases a year)

Public health importance

Addressing a public or paediatric health issue

Scientific importance

Demonstrating scientific interest and importance


Demonstrating a need for data on a condition or disorder for which there is only limited information and for which surveillance is the most appropriate means of collecting the data

Quality of proposal

Stating clear and achievable objectives, practicability, patient confidentiality, adequate resources, clear questionnaire and method of evaluation

Workload of paediatricians

Convincing the Steering Committee that reporting will not make excessive additional demands on the workload of paediatricians

Priority will be given to diseases that are not currently notifiable or, if notifiable, have sufficient indication of under-notification.

Individual researchers are encouraged to make early contact with the Program Manager to discuss the appropriateness of the program for collecting the data, to define the costs, and to identify possible funding agencies (see Services provided to researchers). The CPSP is willing to provide limited assistance in obtaining funds and coordinating arrangements for funding.

The potential for new studies in different paediatric subspecialties is endless. Click here for ideas.