About INoPSU

An International Network of Paediatric Surveillance Units (INoPSU) was established in 1998 to enhance collaboration between units from four continents, providing a unique opportunity for simultaneous cross-sectional studies of rare diseases in populations with diverse geographic and ethnic characteristics. The INoPSU First Progress Report 1999-2002 outlines the development of the international network from its inception, core surveillance activities, as well as the activities of its member units.

INoPSU Meetings

2000 Ottawa, Canada
2002 York, England
2004 Lisbon, Portugal
2006 London, England
2008 Munich, Germany
2010 Dublin, Ireland
2011 Montreux, Switzerland
2013 Melbourne, Australia
2016 Vancouver, Canada

INoPSU was accepted for membership in the International Paediatric Association (IPA) at their September 2001 meeting in Beijing.


Additional information about INoPSU is available at www.inopsu.com.